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The Calm & Confident Leader

A ten week coaching package to take you from exhausted, overwhelmed and doubting yourself to calm, confident and enjoying life again. 

The ‘Create, Lead, Live’ Program is a tailored and personalised coaching experience that draws on my 10 years of experience in executive, senior leadership, coaching and counselling.

You will be professionally and personally supported as you: 

  • Move from feeling exhausted and overwhelmed to calm, confident and inspired.

  • Enjoy your leadership journey and make a meaningful difference in the world

  • Take practical steps to achieve real, long-lasting and sustainable change

  • All the while having fun and enjoying life!

"I don't believe in a 'one size fits all' coaching program, so I've put together a program that can be tailored to assist you to achieve the exact results

you are looking for in your life and leadership!"

Emily Wilks

Select from the following key areas of focus:

  • Reduce stress and overwhelm

  • Experience improved self-care and balance

  • Set boundaries and adjust expectations of yourself and others to be achievable and realistic

  • Increase confidence and self-belief, and reduce feelings of 'imposter syndrome'

  • Establish a mindful leadership practice and find greater peace of mind

  • Reduce reactive decision making, worry and fear

  • Establish systems to become more effective, efficient and productive

  • Feel strong, brave and willing to take calculated risks

  • Influence others and drive change in your organisation and your life

  • Overcome performance anxiety and develop courage to 'feel the fear and do it anyway'

  • Develop a more meaningful, strategic, longer term career development focus

  • Show up and be bold in more areas of your life

  • Overcome the 'need to please' everyone

How to Apply

To apply, simply book a complimentary discovery call with me to ask any questions, discuss your needs, discover how coaching may benefit you and see whether we’re a good fit.

It’s just a relaxed chat with no pressure or obligation. I’d love to assist you to achieve your leadership, wellbeing and business goals.

Here’s what’s included:

  • A 90-minute vision and strategy session to help you gain absolute clarity on your leadership and wellbeing coaching priorities:

    • build an exciting vision for yourself that is motivating, energising and inspiring.

    • develop razor sharp clarity on your specific three month goals, desired outcomes and an achievable actionable plan.

  • Eleven weekly coaching calls (or in person sessions - Melbourne only) over three months to challenge you, facilitate new thinking, and support you to overcome internal and external barriers to the achievement of your unique goals.

  • Full access to a suite of online workbooks, cheat-sheets and activities to assist you to easily integrate what you’ve learned into your daily life.

  • Daily email/text message contact with me between sessions to support your accountability, forward progress and problem solving over the duration of the program.

  • Full access to my closed online support group, Create, Lead, Live, for female leaders including monthly goal setting and planning sessions and regular free masterclass and online challenges. 

  • Be held accountable for implementing and living your plan! Once you take the first few steps you'll be excited to keep the momentum going. 

Your investment = $2,800 AUD

Payment plans available

Places in this program are limited so APPLY NOW to make sure you don't miss out on our next monthly intake. 

Create, Lead, Live is for women who want to...

  • Make a difference in the world, including working women, female leaders, entrepreneurs and experts in their chosen field;

  • Feel fulfilled in their work, live their purpose and achieve their personal life and career goals and dreams. 

  • Reduce stress, overwhelm and exhaustion.

  • Feel calm, confident and inspired about life again!

By the end of our time working together, you’ll feel more fulfilled and know what action steps to take to achieve your career, life and business goals. 

A little about me... 

Hi there, I'm Emily Wilks - the 'go-to' Leadership Coach and Psychologist for women who want to make a difference in the world.

Over the past decade, I've worked in executive, senior leadership, coaching and counselling roles across a range of services including psychology, behaviour consultancy, education, health and wellbeing, family support services and disability. I have led, coached and counselled women (as well as men, couples and families) to overcome the internal and external barriers that stop them from achieving their goals - both personally and professionally. 


As a leader and entrepreneur, I understand how it feels to be out of balance, exhausted, overwhelmed and under-supported. Through my own journey, I've learned to turn these feelings around and apply the strategies not only in my own life, but I teach them to other women so they can do the same. 


By taking better care of myself, cultivating my own leadership, accepting shared responsibility, seeking new, smarter and better ways to do things, I cultivated my own calm and confident internal state. This allows me to be present for others and the best version of myself I can be, rather than rushing around trying to be superwoman!


Today, I balance leadership with life and truly enjoy the time I spend with my husband, family, friends and loved ones. 

I would love to help you create and experience the same level of fulfilment in your own life.  

What it's like to work together...

My greatest personal strength is being able to partner with you to draw out your inner capabilities, resources, creativity and strengths in a way you haven't done before. The objective is to better facilitate your thinking  assist you to make positive changes and find unique, creative and innovative solutions that will work for you. 


With a practical, empowering approach, we will uncover or refine your 'why' to develop a personalised and measurable strategic plan based on your values, goals and needs. I then assist you to implement it, stay on track and live the life you've created for yourself. 


As a leader, coach and psychologist, I'll also share with you a broad range of powerful approaches, strategies and resources that will assist you to make positive changes. 


You will Create, Lead & Live the career, business, purpose and life of your dreams. 

"Unlike most coaches, I rarely work with someone for more than six sessions and don't believe in offering expensive 'high end' or 'intensive' packages!

All my coaching programs are specifically designed to help you become your own coach, so you can make rapid changes and consolidate these while building your confidence to continue your coaching journey independently."

Emily Wilks

Are you a female leader who’s worked hard to get to where you are in your career but have found yourself now drowning under a mountain of work and exhausted? 

I'm guessing like many women in leadership, you put your heart and soul into your life's work and have found yourself trying to be everything to everyone. And now you're feeling overwhelmed and running on empty. Not to mention finding it hard to enjoy your life. 

I'll bet there are times when you wonder.... "am I really cut out for this???" 

Or perhaps you feel like you are at a frantic pace on the treadmill hoping you won't be 'found out' for all your self-doubt. 

Many women also tell me they feel stuck in the day to day demands of their role and have a hard time focusing on the bigger picture and making a difference - the reason they became a leader in the first place. 

Can you relate to this feeling?


You have so many wonderful ideas and a vision of what you'd like to create and the impact you'd like to make in the world but sometimes you wonder where on earth will I find the time??

You may even be feeling 'guilty' about all this and not to mention the expectations you place on yourself at home. Juggling work demands is only one side of the coin. You're a partner, mum, daughter, friend and sometimes you don't have the mental space to enjoy these roles. 


Perhaps your mind is always 'on the job' even when you'd like to chill out at home with your family.

Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, out of control and struggling to enjoy your life for all you feel responsible for? 


Do you ever hold back and doubt your leadership skills, feeling like an imposter fearful of being ‘found out’? 


Do you ever find yourself wondering… Am I really cut out for this leadership caper? 


I’m here to say yes you are and yes you can do this but what you need is to bring the calm confidence back in your leadership step. 


I know you’re proud of all you’ve achieved and the thought of giving it all up hurts…. But it’s hard to sustain this level of intensity right? 


Not only are you feeling exhausted, you’re likely feeling guilty about all the balls you cannot keep in the air as well. 


You realise something has to shift and it feels like it’s absolutely the right time but you’re wondering how you will ever have peace of mind, a life that brings you joy AND a career where you are having a real genuine impact as a leader.  


Isn’t it time to now shake things up and get your life back/the fun back in your life. 


It’s hard to do this stuff alone because you’re already overwhelmed.


I’ve been working with female leaders for …years and I’ve found with a small amount of help we can create big changes quickly. 


I’ve created a ten week program to help you feel calm, confident, at ease and back in control so you can focus on what’s really important.


In just four short weeks we will make some rapid changes starting with a 90 minute strategy session to get clear on your goals and put a Coaching Commitment plan in place and ensure we are focusing on what is absolutely the priority for you. 

From there we will have 3 weekly coaching calls with unlimited e-mail, text, online support between each session to help you take action fast and work through the barriers which have prevented you doing so before now. We want to cultivate new habits fast to boost the way you are feeling about things and help you gain momentum on your goals. 

From there we will continue with three fortnightly coaching calls to hone in on your BIG picture, address some of the more challenging barriers you're facing and consolidate your initial gains. 

Imagine that in just four weeks you could feel calm, confident and enjoying life again. How do you think you'll feel when that weight has lifted off? You'll finally be able to focus on what's important!! And I'm excited to get into this exciting work with you over the remainder of the program. 

Imagine being able to lead your team with a clear head, calmness and a sense of purpose which was previously lost in all the noise. 


Imagine being in a place to do the real work of a leader, leading the way, developing and supporting others without doing all the work for them. 

Feel calm. Radiate confidence and vitality.


Say goodbye to stress, overwhelm and exhaustion.

If you pride yourself on being the best you can be and you want to do it in a way that supports your lifestyle, this 3 month coaching program is for you!