Create Lead Live

Private Coaching Program

Are you making the difference in the world you want to make? Or is something standing in your way?

Do you ever feel stuck, second guess and doubt yourself or put things off that feel a little scary or overwhelming? 


Maybe you're ready to feel confident so you can get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to do the things you've been dreaming of doing for a while now...


Perhaps you've just been feeling a little uncertain about your next steps and are wondering what path to take to feel the passion, freedom and joy you're are craving? 

If this sounds like you, you've come to the right place!!

The Create Lead Live - Coaching Program will help you gain clarity about what it will mean for you to be living with freedom, joy, passion and purpose and take steps to truly live your dream. 


I'll also assist you to overcome any barriers standing in your way, so you can confidently make the difference you want to make in the world. 


Together we'll also work together to find your own inner calm, peace, joy and sense of fun in your daily life! 


The Create, Lead, Live Program will provide you with powerful coaching tools, support and accountability to help you to make the changes you desire and Create, Lead and Live the life of your dreams!

The Create Lead Live Coaching Program will assist you to:


  • Actively create the life you most want to lead in a way that feels aligned with your passion and purpose. 

  • Design a personalised, exciting and 'do-able' strategy so you can confidently move forward and turn your goals and dreams into reality.

  • Make changes at a pace that suits you (3, 6, 9 or 12 months and beyond).


  • Learn and implement powerful mindset tools and strategies to more easily overcome the challenges and barriers which come up for you as you move forward. 

  • Make the difference you want to make in the world and lead others to do the same. 

  • Implement daily habits that will help you stretch, grow and challenge yourself further. 


  • Elevate your wellbeing, inner calm and confidence which will help you feel lighter within yourself, clear on your path forward and inspired to move forward with your goals. 

The Create Lead Live Program is for you if:


  • You’ve not been moving forward in the way you’d like to and are ready to step up your life and leadership.


  • You’re feeling a flat or disengaged from what you’re currently doing and wanting a boost of inspiration and meaning. 

  • You’re ready to do the mindset work which you’ve been putting off due to being time poor or juggling the activities of day to day. 

  • You want to lift your own wellbeing so you have energy to make the difference you want to make in the world.

  • You’re looking to tackle a change of direction in your career or life and unsure where to start. 

Here's what's included:
  • A 90 Minute Vision and Strategy Session (quarterly) to get really clear on your own unique leadership, career and wellbeing goals. 

We’ll dig down to make sure we are razor clear on the impact you’re wanting to make through your work or business and the mindset and wellbeing goals we'll be working on so we can develop an achievable three, six or twelve-month action plan to really get things moving. 

  • 2 coaching calls each month to support and challenge you as you move towards your goals. 

We’ll work together to help you brainstorm and problem solve internal and external barriers which arise along the way. I’ll also assist and hold you accountable to implementing your plan so you can start living your life at the next level now, whilst you are working on the achievement of your longer term life and leadership goals. 

  • Daily e-mail/text message contact with me between sessions (weekdays only).

This intensive support and access to me will help us problem solve quickly. We’ll also pick up on any internal barriers as they happen, so you can consistently implement practical strategies on a daily basis until they become more natural for you to draw on as needed. I’ll also be your daily accountability partner to help you live the plan you’ve developed for yourself. 

  • Full access to the Create Lead Live Coaching Hub.

Includes online programs, workbooks and resources to help you implement the changes you desire. Includes programs such as: Goal Planning Workshop, Career Clarity 3 Part Series, How Overthinking is Holding You Back and What to Do About It, Self-Doubt to Self-Worth, The Courage to Step Up and Lead. Back to Balance and more...

Please note: 

This is a high value and intensive coaching package.


I only take on a small number of individual coaching clients each year. I do this so I can work closely with you, not only within but also between sessions, to assist you to achieve your goals. 


For the duration of our coaching together, your goals are mine too. I want to see you make the changes you desire and am dedicated to assisting you to do so.


This high value and time intensive approach is reflected in the monthly coaching fees. Please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss a payment plan that works for you. 

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Meet Your Leadership Coach & Mentor - Emily Wilks
BSc(Hons), Psych(Couns), Dip(Mgt)

I'm so excited to have you join me in the Create Lead Live Coaching Program where I'll assist you to overcome feelings of 'stuckness', overwhelm, stress and self-doubt to achieve a sense of calm, confidence, balance and joy in your leadership and life. 

I bring to our work together extensive experience in leadership, coaching, counselling and mentoring, having worked in senior leadership and executive roles within a range of small and large organisations over the past 15 years. I've also assisted leaders from all walks of life to achieve their personal and professional goals through my business GoGetEm Coaching. 

Together we can take a wholistic approach to your leadership, life and your program goals so you can make the difference you want to make and have fun while you're doing it!

I'll be a partner in your journey, beside you every step of the way. I know you have what it takes to live the leadership journey and life you dream of and I'm here to assist you to implement the changes you desire.   

To achieve this I will assist you to identify your inner capabilities, resources, creativity and strengths in a way you may not have experienced before. The objective being to facilitate your thinking, assist you to make positive changes and find unique and innovative solutions that will work for you. 

I will also respectfully challenge you to think in new ways, as a good leader and coach should do! I'll help uncover your blind spots and explore with you any uncomfortable internal beliefs which are holding you back. 

I will be your accountability partner in making the changes you wish to make. I will be cheering you on and assisting you to shift the internal voice which may try to tell you these things are not possible for you. And I'll be reminding you of the things you've identified as most important to you and helping you stay on track with the commitments you've made to yourself. 

I'll also share with you a broad range of powerful tools, approaches, strategies  and resources that will assist you to make positive changes.

If you have questions or would like to find out more about Leadership Coaching with me and explore the ways in which coaching can assist you to transform your life and leadership please click the MORE INFO button below.


You can also apply to work with me directly. There is a brief questionnaire for you to complete to help me better understand what's most important to you to assist me to address any questions you may have about getting started and our work together. 

If you're an employer who would like to see your leaders thrive in their leadership, have a bigger impact and develop the skills they need to look after their wellbeing both within their life and leadership role then you may like to sponsor your high achievers to participate in this program. 

Please don't hesitate to get in touch so we can discuss the leadership and life changes you are looking to make! 

How to Apply
To apply simply click the button below and complete the application form attached. If you'd like more info before applying, please don't hesitate to send me an email with your questions via the button below.
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INVESTMENT $947 per month (3 month commitment)
$797 / month (6 month commitment) OR $697 / month (12 month commitment)
Due to the high value and level of support included in this package, places are strictly limited. As mentioned, I only take on limited number of individual clients each year so please apply promptly to get started as soon as a spot becomes available. 
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(Please note, to apply, you'll need to complete a short questionnaire to help me better understand your situation and your goals for coaching).