How Overthinking is

Holding You Back 

What to Do About It!

This FREE masterclass will help you stop overthinking so you feel more calm and confident to make your unique difference in the world.

This FREE masterclass will help you:

:: Stop Overthinking so you can move forward with trust in yourself. 

:: Feel calm, confident, and less fearful or worried about the future.

:: Be present in your life and make your own unique difference in the world. 


The program includes a live masterclass with a downloadable workbook and will be held in the Self-Doubt to Self-Worth leadership group in Facebook: 

Wednesday 1st May 2019

(12 noon - AEST)

(The recording will also be available after the session).


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Hi there, I'm Emily Wilks, Leadership Coach and Counselling Psychologist here to assist you to feel calm, confident and able to make your own unique difference in the world.